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Amy B.

5 Stars and an A for Dr. Aller and his great new practice!!!

Snickers, my almost 5 year old Guinea Pig needed a checkup but was also in pain- and I really like Dr. Aller's approach of options as to how to treat it. We took some medication to head home with, but I know that there are other treatment options available and I feel that he and I were working together on Snickers' care as a team, and that's great, as his overly protective and loving Mom, I agree with that! Dr. Aller was very friendly and jovial, he didn't seem to mind that Snickers nips although my apologies for that behavior, I felt badly that Snickers nipping was unpleasant to Dr. Aller and Graham, the nice vet tech, but Snickers is getting to be an old piggy. Anyways, we thought that everyone was very nice to him and they didn't mind my picking Snickers up and holding him which I really appreciated because some vets restrain pets more, I felt very involved and included on Snickers' care. The front desk people couldn't have been any nicer or more helpful in getting my records from other vets, gave us directions and were helpful in my getting a taxi home!

We're really happy and impressed with Dr. Aller and his clinic! We'll be coming back! A vet that sees Guinea pigs in Center City, wow, that's impressive- I am confident that he will be quite successful!

Brenna C.

WOW! This was the best vet experience I have ever had. My 9 year old Yorkie was acting very off and his main vet couldn't make time to see him for a week and suggested we go to the emergency vet. I stumbled across Art City and called them at 7 pm with my fingers crossed they might see us the next day. EVEN BETTER - they said "how soon can you get here?" They saw us that night!!Within 20 minutes we were in a room with the Vet and being given the best care. The vet, Dr. Aller was kind, knowledgeable and gave our pup the best care. Every test that he thought was needed, he broke down the cost for us, and did it in the most time and money efficient way. He even offered for us to come back the next day for extra fluids if needed without charging us for a visit!

If you are looking for a vet who actually cares about not only your pet but also your financially well being - go here! They will not rip you off like other places and they will treat your animal with kindness and compassion.

Dr. Aller was absolutely phenomenal as well as his entire staff and we definitely have found our new primary care vet.

Shakia S.

I found Dr. Aller's practice while searching for an office that could take my cat immediately! She had this huge abscess that grew overnight. After reaching out to numerous offices and getting the run around, I reached out to Dr. Aller and his team and was seen the same day. The care, the explaining, the office, and the entire team are top notch! You can feel the genuineness from every person you encounter. (I wish he could see humans too because I would most certainly be a patient myself.) He cared for my cat with the up most respect and compassion that I have ever seen! He even called to follow up with me to see how Cali Ann (my cat) was doing. Thank you Dr. Aller and your team for helping us! We are forever embedded to you and we look forward to our annual check ups! If anyone is need of a vet/friend, please please consider Dr. Aller before going anywhere else, you will not be disappointed.

Katherine A.

Such an amazing vet experience! They even called the next day to check on my kitten who received a vaccine the day prior. Will definitely be returning!

Kyle C.

Art City Vets is great! The first impression of the facility itself is quite impressive. Everything is clean and fresh looking. Once you and your pet are serviced it’s over the moon! Dr. Aller is kind and willing to answer your questions. I feel confident that my new kitty is getting the treatment he needs! Thanks Art City!

Jennifer G.

Top notch emergency care! My dog being hit by a car was the scariest moment of my life. I live by Art City Vets and walked-in to their emergency service to receive immediate care. From the receptionist, to the vet techs and Dr. Aller my experience was THE BEST! They were re-assuring and walked me through every step of the way. I can't thank the team enough for saving Hunter's life!

Theresa K.

This place was amazing! Super clean and comfortable and the whole staff was friendly and warm. It's great that they care for small animals, which isn't very common, and they took great care of my sick Guinea Pig. The doctor was super friendly and carefully explained everything in the best way. The fee's are reasonable too! I definitely will use their services again and recommend it to anyone!