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Fostering Cats: Why It Saves Lives and Tips for Success!

Authors: Dr. Shafer & Elizabeth Italia, Cat Behaviorist

Upset Stomach?

Author: Dr. Edward Aller

Pet Emergencies

Author: Dr. Zachary Glantz

Pet Poison Prevention

Author: Dr. Annie Howell

Behavior Changes in Older Cats

Author: Dr. Morgan Shafer

Puppies & Parvo

Author: Dr. Hanum Wensil-Strow

Spring is here! But so are the mosquitoes….and heartworms.

Author: Dr. Laura Zemanian

First Signs of Heart Disease

Author: Dr. Aller

Pet Dental Health

Author: Dr. Aller

Pet Holiday Hazards

Author: Dr. Zack Glantz

Valentine’s Day Pet Hazards

Author: Dr. Jennifer Fennelly

So, to swim? Or not to swim? Blue-Green Algae Contamination

Author: Dr. Alison Whiter

Rabbit Husbandry

Author: Dr. Edward Aller

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Our veterinarians feel it motivates pet parents to improve and maintain their pet’s health, prevent disease, and reduce risky behaviors. Dr. Edward Aller and the entire Art City Vets staff is dedicated to client education and excited to share the latest pet news, tips and tricks in our pet blogs. We’re always open to suggestions! If there is a specific topic you would like us to cover please CONTACT US with your recommendation.